10 Classroom Themes

10 class room themes


August is quickly approaching and it’s time to start planning classroom themes.  These ten whimsical themes will add fun and excitement to your learning space.  What child wouldn’t love to sit back and read a book while sitting by the ocean or in a cozy nook at Hogwarts?  Students will look forward to working under their favorite truffula tree or practicing writing in the galley of a pirate ship.  Whichever theme you choose, your classroom will be a colorful and exciting place for your little learners.




luau theme

Luau Classroom Theme – Schoolgirl Style



superhero theme

Superhero Classroom Theme – Schoolgirl Style



ocean theme

Ocean Classroom Theme – Pixie Chicks



nautical theme

Nautical Classroom Theme – Sailing Through 1st Grade



harry potter theme

Harry Potter Classroom Theme – Chamber of Magic



dr seuss theme

Dr Seuss Classroom Theme – Tangled with Teaching



western theme

Buckaroo Classroom Theme – The Creative Classroom




pirate theme

Pirate Theme Classroom – Clutter-Free Classroom




Bee Classroom Decor – Flapjack Educational Resources



jungle theme

Jungle Classroom Theme – Trendy Teacher



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