12 Projects for World Turtle Day

12 Projects for World Turtle Day
Today is World Turtle Day. Why not celebrate by making your own turtle? You can use a variety of household and craft items to make a collection of fun and unique turtles for yourself and everyone else.

1 – Use a garden glove to make a turtle puppet.

2 – This Hatching Turtle Craft is easy to make.

3 – Make a Paper Mache Patchwork Turtle

4 – Create a simple Paper Plate Turtle.

5 – Make a simple Tissue Paper Turtle.

6 – Recycling is fun when you make a Turtle Bank.

7 – Make this amazing Turtle Mosaic.

8 – Craft a cute, little Walnut Shell Turtle.

9 – Make a fast and easy Bowl Turtle Craft.

10 – Use a couple of loops to make this Easy Paper Strip Turtle.

11 – Use an egg carton to make this Turtle Craft.

12 – Use craft foam to make a Floating Bottle Cap Turtle.

Which one will you make first?


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