Tissue Paper Butterfly
My daughter went through a stage where she had to save any and all tissue papers from gifts. It didn’t matter if the gift was one she opened or someone else’s. The only kind she wasn’t interested in was plain …

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Stamped Flower Craft with Corks and Buttons

Discover how easy it is to make lovely flowers using corks and buttons. No, you don’t use corks as part of the flower…  You use then to make colorful prints that you turn into flowers!

Jacky from Happy Hooligans explains …

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Mini Mardi Gras Parade Float
Is there a Mardi Gras parade near you? If not, why not gather together all your friends, family, neighbors, and/or classmates to hold your own parade?

Have everyone design their own miniature floats using a shoe box or something similar. …

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Olympic Ring Collage

This is a great, Olympic-themed project to work on with a group. Cut rings out of thin cardboard, paint them the appropriate colors, and then have fun finding items to glue to each ring. Collage items can include tissue paper, …

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Am I  the only parent who has not taken their kids to see this film yet? (Frozen by Disney) I am starting to feel like I missed out on something wonderful, magical.

This play based activity is sure to engage …

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LearnWithPlayAtHome.com shares 6 Simple ways to get kids arty in the classroom.…

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You might be getting bored of all my art posts but I bet your kids aren’t. Here is another simple tutorial. If you have different colored papers then you can knock this lesson plan up within 3-5 minutes. Toddler Mosaics 

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This tutorial shows you how to make fun space themed art work. This project is suitable for all ages as the skill level will vary with each child’s drawing ability.

You will need

Black Paper

White Chalk or White Pastels

Thumb tacks…

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This Elmers glue Batik dye tutorial looks fantastic and was created by Our Creative Day.  I am definitely adding this one to my summer To-Do list as I think not only will the kids love it I will too. …

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Recently I spent sometime with 4-6 year old’s and I was very surprised to see that they could not use scissors correctly. I am assuming that because my children have grown up with scissors on the table most of the …

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Homemade Spice Paint by NurtureStore.  What a great idea to stimulate the senses. I would possibly avoid the chilli one and swap it for garlic or something similar.


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I have recently started a milk bottle top collection next to my recycling bin. I don’t know what I am going to make yet but I am collecting them knowing one day I may need 100′s.

This link is …

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Pasta is a great medium to work with, it can be colored and painted. Pasta crafts is something that is often associated with   toddlers and not older kids. I have gathered some of the more difficult but inspiring …

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This tutorial from We Made That is lots of tactile fun for little ones. You can use this for teaching colors, teaching the science of color mixing or just simple tactile squeezy fun for the little ones.



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DIY paint pops for summer

These Paintsicles are great fun for summer time. I would suggest only using them with kids who understand they are for paper and not for the mouth.  Clementine Boulder shares the full tutorial on just how to make them. …

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