Rainbow Batik

Rainbow Batik
When I found this project, I immediately went on a search around my home for a plain white anything I could try this with! Such a fun project to do with the family or even with a larger group of … Read More ...

Olympic Ring Collage

Olympic Ring Collage

This is a great, Olympic-themed project to work on with a group. Cut rings out of thin cardboard, paint them the appropriate colors, and then have fun finding items to glue to each ring. Collage items can include tissue paper, … Read More ...

DIY – Space Art


This tutorial shows you how to make fun space themed art work. This project is suitable for all ages as the skill level will vary with each child’s drawing ability.

You will need

Black Paper

White Chalk or White Pastels

Thumb tacks… Read More ...

Play Dough And Scissors


Recently I spent sometime with 4-6 year old’s and I was very surprised to see that they could not use scissors correctly. I am assuming that because my children have grown up with scissors on the table most of the … Read More ...