Mini Olympics Ice Hockey and Figure Skating

If you have a family full of hockey fans, like mine, you can make your own miniature hockey rink and challenge each other to hockey games while you watch the Olympic hockey games. You can even make your own fans …

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Textured Groundhog Puppet Craft

This project doesn’t have to made exclusively for Groundhog’s day because this puppet will brighten any day. Older kids can do it all by themselves and younger kids can do it with just a little help. This is a wonderful …

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The photo styling is probably the best seller when it comes to this tutorial. The photos are amazing. Not sure the baby would be too impressed when it landed on it’s face but until then he/she is completely mesmerized.  This …

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Just a little gross but my 6 year-old thought it was amazing! Even girls like gross things and apparently if you add some glitter it’s magically Princess themed. Perhaps if I add some edible glitter to her vegetables she might …

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bathconstruction activities for kids 0

Wow! What little boy (or girl) is not going to love this. It looks like lots of fun and would be perfect for a little one who has been hard at work all day around the house with some real …

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The kids are going to love playing in this tub. I would however leave out the bloody hand and just fill it with clear water. Slightly to gross for me. This would also be a fun Halloween Party activity too.…

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Wow! Talk about dedication – Mary cooked and colored 10 boxes of Spaghetti to create this messy tactile invitation.

Obviously you would not have to make 10 boxes to get enjoyment out of it. I also doubt it would need …

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I am often asked how do I manage to blog and look after my almost 4-year-old. This is one of the ways. Setting up invitations for him to play. I presented him with a tray (with a small lip edge …

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Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones. This walking obstacle course is filled with sensory objects. If you take a quick look around your house you are sure to find lot’s more ideas too. This would be a great …

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Even little Princess’s want to get their hands dirty, but just with a little extra glitter. DIY Glitter Putty. These would make great Party Favors or Christmas gifts too.


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plastic paint painting 013

I love this idea from BusyBrissyMum. It is a fun interactive way to do some face painting. Use a glass door or thick plastic sheeting (available at hardware or craft stores) to create a fun (clean-able) face painting station. Watch …

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My little boy is obsessed with Dinosaurs and apart from a Diorama and a few art projects we haven’t really created anything else. I am dying to try the fossil prints and some fossil cookies for him to eat too. …

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Ice cream parlor 001

A bath or hot shower has always been my go to place when my world is crashing down around me. I don’t know why but I find a hot shower is my escape. It seems I have bestowed this upon …

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Check out this free Crochet tutorial on our sister site for some Pretend Play Sushi. Set up a Sushi Restaurant or have a pretend picnic.  These can be thrown into the wash on a gentle cycle making them suitable …

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Tom Bedard (Love his creations) shares his experience with just what happens when you try to divide up a sand table.  What I love most about this article is it’s a simple idea to rejuvenate and old unused play area or …

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