10 Educational Ways to Use Plastic Eggs
Have you ever wondered what to do with all of the plastic eggs you acquire at this time of year? Perhaps some of these ideas will help! Use your collection of plastic Easter eggs to make a fun and educational …

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Muddy Pigs

Today is a perfect day to make this pig craft…  It is National Pig Day!

Stephanie, from Twodaloo, did this sensory activity with her toddlers, but I think all ages will enjoy painting with mud. Don’t worry, it isn’t …

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Fairytale Storytelling Basket

Did you know that today is Tell a Fairy Tale Day? It is the perfect excuse to try this simple activity.

Anna, from The Imagination Tree, shares how she created a custom story basket for reading time. This basket …

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Dental Craft For Child Health Month

February is Child Dental Health Month and a great way to celebrate is to use this project to teach kids about their teeth and dental hygiene. All you need is pink construction paper and miniature marshmallows! Also included on this …

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Coffee Filter Peacock Craft

The colorful feathers of this peacock are made by dotting coffee filters and bingo daubers or paint dot markers. Once the dots are on the coffee filters, they are moistened with a little water to get a watercolor design. This …

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Olympic Ring Collage

This is a great, Olympic-themed project to work on with a group. Cut rings out of thin cardboard, paint them the appropriate colors, and then have fun finding items to glue to each ring. Collage items can include tissue paper, …

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Textured Groundhog Puppet Craft

This project doesn’t have to made exclusively for Groundhog’s day because this puppet will brighten any day. Older kids can do it all by themselves and younger kids can do it with just a little help. This is a wonderful …

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Straw Beaded Bracelets

February is International Friendship Month so what better way to celebrate than tomake friendship bracelets? These aren’t your traditional friendship bracelets made with embroidery floss and beads, these are made using colorful straws that are cut into small pieces and …

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valentines_mug-011 (1)

It’s not too late to create something wonderful with the kids. This project could be done to a plate, mug or platter. If you’re a Teacher have the kids bring a piece of white (or light) crockery in and create …

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Am I  the only parent who has not taken their kids to see this film yet? (Frozen by Disney) I am starting to feel like I missed out on something wonderful, magical.

This play based activity is sure to engage …

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If you are hosting Winter Olympic games in your classroom then you are going to love this special medal. Well the kids are certainly going to love it. Create and Edible Medal using cookies wrapped in foil paper. For the …

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If you have an Easel but only thought it was for painting then think again! This Blog post shares some wonderful ideas on just how to get the most out of your easel. Sometimes Easels are overlooked in a toy …

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The Chinese New Year is upon us (January 31st) and if you want to partake in the celebrations then consider these easy kids crafts. This round-up is from RedTedArt. Fill your activities with Drums, Lanterns and Dragons to create …

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DIY Reindeer Antler Horns Headband Christmas craft

I am not sure these antlers would be as cute if it wasn’t for the cute little boy who is pulling an adorable face. What I like most about these antlers is that they are handmade and adorable (Did I …

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homemade snow recipe 1

The possibilities for this snow is endless. Create a sensory bin with Christmas items or use it to create a wintery nativity scene. The key to making this project fun and Imaginative is allowing the children to dictate what the …

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