Kid’s Coins

Kid's Coins

Ellen Luckett Baker created this project with her kids after explaining to her children why President’s Day is celebrated. After looking at president’s that were pictured on different coins, they decided to make their own coins using shrink plastic.

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DIY – Space Art


This tutorial shows you how to make fun space themed art work. This project is suitable for all ages as the skill level will vary with each child’s drawing ability.

You will need

Black Paper

White Chalk or White Pastels

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Fairy Garden

fairy1Every year, I usually post about someone’s amazing Fairy Garden. This year, I decided to post about this adorable fairy garden that even includes a fairy lamp and fairy letter stones. Creating fairy gardens and homes with your children is … Read More ...

Cardboard Train Tunnel

Cardboard Tunnel1Purchasing different aspects of a kids train set can be super expensive, and sometimes they even fall apart way too soon. Here is a great way to re-use a cardboard box and create your own train tunnel. There is something … Read More ...