7 science lessons with free printables



Budding scientists will love learning about the world around them with these 7 great science lessons, complete with free printables.  Kids will enjoy learning about the basics of the scientific method, the life cycles of plants and insects, …

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10 LEGO learning activities


Pretty much every kid seems to love LEGOs- the little bricks have been the building material of choice for generations.  From video games to movies to theme parks, LEGOs seem to lend themselves to virtually any subject or theme, which …

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You might find this hard to believe but as I am currently located in Australia I have never actually tasted a Candy Corn. I really should import a bag just so my kids can understand what all the Candy Corn …

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Pretend play is an amazing way to learn, but it’s also a great way to get parents involved. As an Adult – Pretend play is so much more exciting for me than playing with a box of lego or playing …

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cinderella unit 1

This Cinderella lesson plans printable comes from FirstGradeWow and it is FREE. With pages for Math, Social studies and English writing you could run this theme for as long as your little ones desired. Turn your classroom into a princess …

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I am often asked how do I manage to blog and look after my almost 4-year-old. This is one of the ways. Setting up invitations for him to play. I presented him with a tray (with a small lip edge …

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Halloween Puzzles and other printables.

Word Spiders

Halloween Literacy Set

Halloween Handwriting Printables

Halloween Bingo 

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Check out this free Crochet tutorial on our sister site for some Pretend Play Sushi. Set up a Sushi Restaurant or have a pretend picnic.  These can be thrown into the wash on a gentle cycle making them suitable …

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I Love this adorable free printable from MrPrintables.com.  This game would be perfect for weather theme lessons or just some good old rainy day fun.


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Tom Bedard (Love his creations) shares his experience with just what happens when you try to divide up a sand table.  What I love most about this article is it’s a simple idea to rejuvenate and old unused play area or …

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Bottle Tops are one of those things you should automatically be saving. Even if you don’t have a use for them at some point your school or child care center will put our a request for them. Wouldn’t it be …

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There are lots of color sorting Pompom ideas floating around the internet but I love this one as it reminds me of a Rainbow. Kids are going to love this colorful invitation.  Visit Learning4Kids.net for the tutorial

Cardboard Rolls and

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Renee from livinglaughingandloving.com shares her free downloadable Editable Lesson Plan. Not having to hand write into those little boxes is going to leave loads of room for more information and details. (Unless you can write small like a …

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This tutorial shows you how to make fun space themed art work. This project is suitable for all ages as the skill level will vary with each child’s drawing ability.

You will need

Black Paper

White Chalk or White Pastels

Thumb tacks…

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Let me just warn you before you begin. You are going to make these, not just one but lot’s why? Because they are so darn cute. Once you get the technique down you are going to want to make blue …

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