Children’s Chore Chart + Tips

I am always looking for a great way to get my children to do their chores without me having to ‘communicate’ every step to them the entire time they are doing it. This chore chart/board looks like the perfect way to accomplish my goal, and I think even the 3 year old can understand it! Head on over to Rock it Like June Cleaver for her great post on how she made the chore chart, along with some great tips on how to have a successful chore-loving child! Could it be true?


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    Great chore board!! Colorful and fun. I do something similar, but a bit simpler and smaller. I have two sons. I have four library pockets on the fridge. One pair for each son. Each morning/throughout the day, I place flash cards in their library pockets of things they need to do before they go to bed. Once completed, the cards go into their “completed” pocket. It is their responsibility at the end of the day to bring me their completed cards pocket and we go check out their work together. If they don’t bring the cards to me, they don’t get credit. (Just as if an employee doesn’t punch in or out his/her time card-they may not get paid). If they whine or complain, or don’t do the chore to acceptable (not perfect) standards, they redo the chore and receive no $ for the chore. At the end of the week they get receive their “Commission.” For a job done above and beyond, they can receive a bonus (extra $). They can also earn no money and have to pay “Mom” back with extra chores or lost electronic time if they did a poor job or had a poor attitude.

    Just thought I’d share as I know sharing helps others find a plan that works for them. :)

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