CraftGossip at The Martha Stewart Show

In honor of Craft Week, The Martha Stewart Show invited a wonderful group of bloggers to attend the tapings of the show. I was so excited to represent CraftGossip and Tweet and Blog my heart out with all of the wonderful things I learned and experienced. I tried to take as many pictures as I could that would give our readers an ‘inside’ glimpse at The Martha Stewart Show that will air this Thursday, October 6, 2011 at 10am on the Hallmark channel.

Another fellow blogger, Katie, who writes about wonderful crafts she does with her children at  A Childhood List , is pictured above with Martha participating in the craft segment to make the cutest ladybug framed art for a child’s bedroom or playroom. She did a wonderful job and I am hoping to spotlight some of her upcoming crafts!

One of my favorite parts of the experience was getting a tour of the set.  The set contained four sections, the ‘Back Kitchen’, which is where all the prep goes on for her cooking/baking segments, the actual Kitchen area (which just so happens to be the only fully functional kitchen set in America…perhaps in the world!), the Craft Room, and the Green House. All rooms are spectacular. You can tell that every detail has been considered and fulfilled.

Alright, let’s start the tour…

As you can see in the picture above, all of the ‘props’ on the set are real, actual items…don’t those apples look delicious?



If only I had this collection of fabulous rolling pins…or those amazing wooden spoons… this kitchen is a dream!








This is where Martha stood to make Kimchi with Marja Vongerichten who happens to be Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s wife and co-host of the Kimchi Chronicles. I didn’t get to taste the Kimchi, but it looked amazing! Fortunately, Juliet…another amazing blogger and ‘Broken Plate Jewelry’ artist was able to try it for us.  She thought it was really good on the hot dog(or as she so appropriately called it, ‘Tubed Meat’).

And this is where I started to get really jealous craft lovers! All your ‘little crafting imagination’ can think of materials like Martha’s new line of paints and her fabulous glitter…oh, how I love glitter!I’m pretty sure that entire bottom shelf is all glitter. Did I mention that I love glitter?


Loved all of the amazing craft tools…and the ribbon, oh the ribbon! The craft room had these wonderful fall colored ribbons and paper on the back wall.


Then we moved into the Greenhouse area which is actually designed after Martha’s own greenhouse in her home. It is a fully functioning greenhouse and all of the plants looked amazing.


The set was just gorgeous and everything had its own special place, like those fabulous blue jars…


These beautiful white vases were part of a gardening segment with the incredibly talented artist Frances Palmer who worked with Martha and these beautiful Dahlias.



Some of the other bloggers that attended included:

So there you have it…my experience with being a ‘techie’ at The Martha Stewart Show was a wonderful success! I hope you enjoyed all of the photos and feel as though you got an inside glimpse at one of the most talented and creative teams, The Martha Stewart Team…they are an incredible group and couldn’t have been more pleasant to spend a little time with! Thanks to CraftGossip for the amazing opportunity…and ps, I’m free to go back anytime you need.





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    I love the tour you’ve given us (readers). Craft Gossip is my “go-to” place to learn something new. It’s also where I send anyone asking something I don’t know.
    I’m so thankful to be a part of the group sometimes with Anne’s wonderful help.


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