Dental Craft For Child Health Month

Dental Craft For Child Health Month

February is Child Dental Health Month and a great way to celebrate is to use this project to teach kids about their teeth and dental hygiene. All you need is pink construction paper and miniature marshmallows! Also included on this page is a fun song kids can sing along to while they make this craft.

Learn how to make this mouth craft:  Marshmallow Mouth Craft





  1. Sandie says

    Or if you didn’t want to use marshmallows – how about some of those polystyrene packing chips we always find inside a package? Then you could cut them to make smaller teeth for the front ones, and leave them large for the molars!

  2. Sherri Osborn says

    You’re right! Those would make great teeth and would be a good way to recycle those pesky things.

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