Desks for All

As a teacher, I would always recommend that a child had a specific place in the house that was designated for homework.  A place with few distractions that would help the students focus and get their work done quickly.  Whether it is the kitchen table or a desk of their own, kids need to know that when they sit down in that spot, it is time to work.

I think the best idea is to invest a little money in a small desk or table for each child.  It can be placed in their bedroom or another quiet, private area of the home.  You can find some really great desks on your local Craigslist or other online garage sale type site for cheap prices.

Here are some examples from my area:

14019458Crayola Desk-for the younger set

14001785Two kids can work at this desk!13990478Just like school.

13980195For the vintage lover.

Go check out what desk treasures your area has to offer!!


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