DIY a Knitting Loom and Knit With It

DIY a Knitting Loom and Knit With It
I have seen knitting looms on sale at stores on occasion and have even considered buying one, however, anytime I looked at then I would think I bet I could make one of these. Of course, by the time I get home I never remember my plan to try to make one…  Now I don’t have an excuse!

Heidi, from Hands Occupied, shows how easy it is to make your own knitting loom using a tube (like a toilet paper roll), popsicle sticks, and packing tape. It will only take about 15 minutes and then you can use the directions shared to knit something fun!

Read through the tutorial: DIY a Knitting Loom & Knit With It



  1. Iryna B. says

    It looks pretty good, but I cannot imagine my child using it – kids knit tightly and the wooden sticks are not polished.

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