Egg Carton Chicks

Can this craft get any cuter? I am saving my egg cartons ASAP! Visit Paper, Plate and Plane for the how to and make these wonderful little chicks just in time for Easter!


  1. Sharon R Lowery says

    While this is a cute craft, please be careful with re-using egg cartons! Remember Eggs carry salmonella and it can be transferred to the carton which can not be cleaned!

    Just trying to keep people safe and healthy!

  2. claudia says

    I too am concerned with salmonella. Any ideas on how to disinfect the cartons before using? I was thinking lysol spray?But I wouldn’t put food in them anyway.

  3. Sherri Osborn says

    Great question Claudia! I read that you can put the cardboard egg carton in an oven set to 180 F and put the egg carton in it for 45 minutes to an hour… You should open up the egg carton.


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