Epic Rubber Band Crafts Book Review

Epic Rubber Band Crafts Book Review
If you have worked with a rubber band loom, you know that you can make some amazing bracelets with it, but have you tried making other things? If you want to take your loom creations to the next level, you should check out all of the unique projects in this book titled Epic Rubber Band Crafts.

The author, Colleen Dorsey, teaches you how to make 15 fun and fashionable projects using easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions and photos. There are also diagrams for each project that will help you with rubber band placement. She also includes a section that teaches you the basics of using the loom along with a section of some helpful tips and hints.

Amongst the projects, you will find directions for making a couple of different bracelets — a Vine Bracelet which you can add beads to and a Fringe Bracelet that can double as a hair scrunchie.  Other jewelry items you can make are a Loopy Loop necklace and a combination bracelet and ring. This book is about so much more than rubber band jewelry though…

You can build a robot. To do this, you need to use two looms, side by side, and 220 bands. If you want to make something a little cuter than a robot (at least in some people’s eyes), you can form a cute little penguin using 102 bands.  If you are in the mood for something a little faster and easier, try your hand at using simple chaining to make a trick pencil or a light sword.

Of course, these are only a handful of the projects shared in this book. You will find hours of fun making a cell phone case, glamorous beaded curtain and so much more.


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