Free Printables – Summer Journaling

Confessions of a shares this free printable for your aspiring writer. They are brightly colored with a summer theme to inspire your writer to jot down their thoughts , dreams and activities.  My 5 year old is obsessed with writing at the moment, she has written her birthday guest list out 100 times (it’s not till September). I will be tapping into more journaling and writing ideas as I explore activities for her to try out.

Here are some of their ideas to get your child writing.

  • What is your favorite summer thing to do and why?
  • What is your favorite summer food and why?
  • If you could cook your favorite meal, what would you cook? Describe how you would make and serve your meal.
  • Write about your home and why you like it there.
  • Go on a walk, then journal about your walk or what you encountered.
  • What is your favorite outdoor game to play?
  • Write about a new planet you’ve traveled to. What did you find there? Describe the environment.
  • Think of a business you can start. Tell what you would name it, what the business is, how you would run it, etc.


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