Review and Giveaway- Dragonart Evolution

Impact Publishing Company has offered up the book, DragonArt Evolution, How to Draw Everything Dragon, by J “NeonDragon” Peffer for a giveaway. I personally have no experience with drawing, let alone with dragons, but I do recall a family of children I used to babysit for, and almost every boy in that household was extremely interested in drawing dragons.

This book would be perfect for a budding artist in your family who likes to create this type of cartoon style, or someone who has been working on their artistic abilities for a long time. The book starts out very simplistically, but quickly delves into the more intricate ways to create your own unique dragon. The book includes 20+ dragons that you can emulate and create with 60+ all new demos on where to begin with each dragon.

The details, explanations and vivid colors alone would sell this book to a ‘dragon’ lover.  If you or someone you know would be interested in this book, why not try to win it in our giveaway!

Here are the rules:

1) One entry per person please.

2) In the comments section below this post, leave a comment as to why you would want this book and how it will help you or someone you know.

3) I will use to choose one winner from the comments in this post. Please leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win. This giveaway will end on Tuesday, January 18th at 11:59pm ET.



  1. says

    My nephew is a comic book maniac and wants to own a comic book store someday. He also likes to draw and I think he’d love this book.

  2. Hilde Versmissen says

    I would like to win this book for my daughter. She now is 19yrs old but is addicted to drawing since she was just able to hold a pencil. She even wanted to go to art school at that age already.
    She would surely have hours of fun with it, if won!

  3. Tori Whiting says

    My son and I both would love this book. We are both very into drawing (and I have started getting into sculpting…this would be great for shape ideas and ratios)…and very much enjoy the more Celtic and Gothic things like Dragons! This would be awesome!

  4. says

    I have been trying to inject more drawing into my work, and frequently use photos of people or animals to work from. As you can imagine, a photo of a dragon is hard to come by! This book, with its selection of poses provided and drawing hints would really help me out!

  5. Erica Gorzen says

    I just have to say how amazing I find this site. It has helped me with so much as a new teacher!

    The reason that I would like this book is to have it in my classroom for my students. I could use it for lesson planning as we’ll as having it for the kids to use when they have free time!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  6. alana Holt says

    The reason I should like this give-away is for my son, who is 1o years old, and is an aspiring artist who is in love with everything Dragons. He was born in the year of the dragon, the Golden Dragon, according to the Chinese Zodiac, and he wishes his name was Dragon. He studies all things Asian, Dragon and associated and we are saving money one day to travel to China. He spends hours drawing as well and writing graphic novels. Marlon, my son, turns 11 years old in February and I have been trying to find a book just like this for him. I think he would absolutely love it. thank you.

  7. says

    I would love to win this for my son…his is 13yrs old and I’ve finally got him to put down the DS and he’s really into drawing. I bought him a few how-to books…but this one would be the “COOLEST”!!!!!

  8. says

    I would love this book for my kids. My daughter loves to draw horses, unicorns, pegasus, and dragons. Her best freind’s parents play D&D so they draw dragons together.

  9. Lori B. says

    My 8 year old son would love this book. He loves to draw and of course dragons are at the top of the list.

  10. debe says

    This looks like a fantastic book

    I am very into dragon drawing and would love something like this to make my dragon art move to another level!

  11. Danielle says

    My son would love this book. He is pretty good and loves dragons so this would help him.


  12. Barbara says

    I would love to be able to give this book to my son. Ever since the movie “How to Train Your Dragon” came out, he has been obsessed with anything dragon related. Liam is five and the last obsession was Spiderman, that lasted from the time he was about 10 months old.. before he could really speak.. he even made up his own sign word for spiderman…. but now it’s all about dragons…. He would adore it and spend hours leafing through the pages then attempting to draw!!! then eventually mastering the drawings. Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  13. LeAnne Balser says

    Many of the students at my school love to draw and it would give the library one more drawing book for them to check out.

  14. Bettina Groh says

    My grand daughter LOVES to draw and do all things artsy…. but dragons are her favorite “animal”! I would LOVE to win this for her!! Can’t you just see an eight year old’s face if I handed her this!!??

  15. Julie says

    Wow, this would be a great book to work with my friend with…she lost her long time companion “Louie”, though a pintsized dragon in comparison, he had the heart of these raging beasts—though he loved to crawl up into the middle of the christmas tree and stay there as his vice,after achieving the rooftop ledge over the porch once in a while ;]
    We talk about when she plans on immortalizing him in a tattoo,when she gets over the whole needle thing and her girls grow up a bit, though nothing in flash art pops out at her….I think this would make a great gift & a great project for us to do to use this great tutorial to immortalize Louie’s true dragonheart!

  16. Dennis says

    My granddaughter could learn a lot from this book. She is into drawing everything. She draws all the time so this would help a lot.

  17. Lorna says

    I would love this book for myself and my budding little artist, my kids are 8 and 6 and love to draw (they get it from me lol) my oldest is into all things fantasy and her brother is fallowing right behind her with his love of dragons. I think this book would help all three of us (I haven’t been able to master dragons)

  18. Emily Callender says

    oh wow, this will help me alot. i’m great at copying, but not so good with starting my own. this would be awesome to practice with.

  19. says

    I know some young boys who would absolutely LOVE that book . . . so much so that if I don’t win it, I will have to buy it for them.

  20. Lise says

    My son is a great artist, not much he puts his mind to it that he can’t do/make. His passion, however,is to draw comics and I know he would just love this prize.

  21. says

    This is a very interesting book. I am not a good drawer but am very interested in learning to draw interesting and unusual things.

  22. Shirley Harris says

    I would love to owen this book. My grandson is a self taught artist and I have seen him draw something similar to this and this would help him alot. He is deaf and he sees things that we do not. He is very talented, he drew his left hand holding a rose and gave it to his mother for Christmas, we all cried.
    Thanks for giving me this chance to win this book.

  23. Terry Dehn says

    My class at elementary school is filled with dragon-lovers and artists! The gift of winning this book will make many little souls happy and create many hours of entertainment and artist skills will soar!

  24. Kay says

    My nephew is in a dragon phase right now. He would love this. And I am the artistic aunt always trying to add creative things into his life. This would be a combination of both!

  25. Paula Wirfel says

    My son and daughter-in-law are wild about dragons. Every year for Christmas, I try to do some kind of dragon gift for them (T-Shirts, posters, etc.). Having this book would allow me to draw the dragons for the projects myself instead of searching the web for copyright-free pics! Thanks for the excellent giveaway!

  26. Judith says

    I would like to win this book for my son who has loved to draw ever since his grandmother gave him a book called “How to Draw Silly Monsters”.

  27. says

    I would love to win this book as nearly all my family are into dragons! (Okay, some of us moreso than others, but still… :D) It would be great to draw and make my own dragons, and this book would be such an inspiration! Good luck to everyone!

  28. says

    My son loves dragon so much, he even invent a nickname for himself; Ryu (dragon in Japanese)and he wants to be an animator in the future, so I think this book is a perfect gift for him.

  29. Claire says

    I would like to give this book to my Partner, he is none stop drawing and doodleing. When he is on the telephone he seems to be writing away, but when he comes off he has made yet another “Master Piece”

  30. Angela says

    I would love this book because I really want to do some custom work on my helmets but I have a lot of problems with dragons. This would really help


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