Glitter Glow Pumpkins {Martha Stewart Glow Glitter Review & Craft}

I was so excited to receive a package of fun Martha Stewart Halloween products from this year’s line. You can get these products at Michael’s Craft Stores or on I thought it would be fun to have a girl’s craft night and offer up a craft idea where the women could put their own spin on it. We had a blast eating and crafting all the night long!

My girlfriend is also hosting a Halloween Costume Party next week, and I have given her some of the Martha Stewart products to use at her party. I will take pictures and post them on here before Halloween!

I came up with the idea of Glitter Glow Pumpkins.  Here are the materials you need:

Martha Stewart Glow in the Dark Glitter

Black Foam Pumpkins from Michael’s


Pumpkin Template Pattern of your choice (You can find fun patterns here or here. )

White Acrylic Paint


Thin tip paint brush

Paper plate


How To:

1) Find your chosen pattern, and print out to fit the size that will match your pumpkin size.

2) Tape pattern onto your pumpkin. Make sure it is very secure and will not move.

3) Take your pencil and firmly trace the outline of your pattern so that you leave an indentation on the pumpkin where you have traced. Be sure to check your pattern on the pumpkin before you completely remove the template.

4) Remove template, and paint a small portion of your template with the white acrylic paint within your traced markings you have from your pencil.

5) While still wet, generously sprinkle the glitter onto your paint. Then gently shake the excess off onto a paper plate.

6) Continue to paint small areas of your template and alternate with adding glitter until your entire image is complete.

7) Hold your glitter pumpkin up to the light to activate, and enjoy your fun creation!!

The white paint will show during the day, and the glow glitter will show up at night!! Double the fun!

You can purchase all of Martha Stewart’s Halloween line at Michael’s.


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