Hand-made Christmas Gifts {Web Feature}

Christmas Adam

I guess it’s getting about that time to start posting Christmas info… it is Labor Day after all.  I am however, very excited to tell you about this fun tradition that one family has now decided to share the experience with all of us! They have come up with a new name for Christmas Eve Eve… or the night before Christmas Eve… they call it Christmas Adam, appropriately!

It is on this night, Christmas Adam, that the children exchange hand made gifts to each other, and the tradition has been going strong since 2005. In September of 2011, Christmas Adam, the business started and the website is off and running with amazing ideas for making handmade gifts. You definitely will want to check it out if you are interested in making any gifts or having your children make memorable gifts.

Stamped Sculpey Clay jewelry

One of my favorite gifts that I found on there was the Stamped Sculpey Clay Jewelry that came out so beautiful. This idea was created over at And Then She Made. There are so many great gift crafts on Christmas Adam, I highly recommend you spend some time checking out all the crafts! You won’t be disappointed!


  1. Marijo Hinton says

    As a retired teacher I am delighted to see the participation of the children….so many good lessons to be learned and shared….thank you


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