Homemade Spin Art

Homemade Spin Art
Have you ever made a painting in a spin art machine? You fit the paper into position, place a few drops of paint near the center of the paper, and flip the ON switch… Even if you don’t have one of these machines at home or in the classroom, you can have your kids make these unique paintings.

Tammy, the creator of Housing A Forest, shares two different ways you can make your own spin art machine. One of these methods involve a simply lazy Susan; the other involves an electric drill. Both methods involve lots of fun!

Learn how to make your own homemade spin art machine.



  1. Susan says

    I wish you had made the whole idea pin able instead of just the picture. Since I can’t pin the whole idea it didn’t get pinned at all because the picture while useful in this case doesn’t included the instructions.

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