International Children’s Gallery

{Photo Source is ‘Leaves’ by Vincent– age group 6-8} Have you ever dreamed of your child’s artwork hanging in a gallery that will be viewed by thousands of people? Your dream can now come true! Enter International Children’s Gallery. In the past, this gallery was only open to those in Ireland, but now it is open for any child in the world! You can upload any piece of art your child has created and know that the piece is forever remembered in this amazing gallery!


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    My sincere thanks for featuring the new International Children’s Gallery and helping to spread to the word to parents and teachers.

    Uploading artwork is quick and easy – parents and teachers can upload photographs of their children’s artwork ‘in a jiffy’, in just three simple steps, and the kids will be so excited to see their pictures in a gallery!

    From drawings to painting, craft and poetry this lovingly curated gallery helps children age 0 to 13years to develop a new sense of pride about their beautiful work and to feel like a famous artist!

    I look forward to seeing some great work coming from the CraftGossip family of friends.
    Michdelle McInerney

    (PS -the image on the article is not displaying)

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