Kiwi Crate {Review}


I first heard of Kiwi Crate about a year ago when some wonderful kid craft bloggers couldn’t stop talking about it on their blogs.  I have to admit, I was intrigued.  When looking deeper into what Kiwi Crate is about, I found that the goal of Kiwi Crate is to encourage ‘curiosity and creativity in children.’  So  I was so excited to put a  Kiwi Crate  box to the test myself, with the help of my two older girls ages 5 and 3 of course.

When we received the box, it was everything in the girls’ power to not dive into it before I could get a few photos in to show you.  The box we received was entitled ‘under the sea’, and had adorable pictures to help explain the activities we would be doing. The box was filled with everything we needed to complete the activities, including salt to make salt water!

The girls decided that they wanted to do the ‘fishing’ activity first. The got right to work coloring their ‘sea creatures’. My favorite was this little octopus! I also loved the fact that simple shapes were also provided to let the kids create their own creatures or treasures. For example, my 3 year old said she wanted to turn the rectangle into a treasure chest, and my 5 year old turned the oval into a surf board. I love watching those little minds work hard and create!


Once the creatures and treasures were finished, we got right to work created our sea world with the blue paper, and building our fishing poles. The girls really enjoyed fishing for their own creations!

When we were finished taking turns fishing, we decided to do the ‘ocean experiment’. I was really excited about this because I used to be a science teacher. I loved the ‘What do you think will happen’ cards where the girls could get their first experience with the Scientific Method! I was curious to see how they would respond to ‘predicting’ the outcome, but they both had their own opinions and reasons why the balls would either float or sink. 



The girls really enjoyed mixing the salt to make ‘ocean water’, and then finding their own items around the house to test out too.  I helped my 5 year old to make a chart so she could record her ‘data’ from the experiment. They really loved the entire process which made me excited that they like science!! How can you not when it is so much fun?!?

The best part of all for me was the fact that they girls wanted to go outside and do their own ‘water experiments’. They played outside for almost 2 hours! If Kiwi Crate wanted to encourage curiosity and creativity, I would say they nailed it!

You can join Kiwi Crate to have your own ‘crates’ subscription delivered to your door too! You can also visit their Celebration Shop and purchase items for birthdays or special occasions! My family really enjoyed this box of fun, and I can’t wait to order our next box!





  1. Alicia says

    I would love to have one of these kits for my pre-k class. We study the ocean unit in May and this kit would be wonderful to use with my little ones.


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