Make a Polar Bear

Make a Polar Bear

I read that today is International Polar Bear Day so why not celebrate by making a polar bear craft or two or three or four?

Handprint Polar Bear Craft
To make this polar bear you simply paint the palm or the hand and fingers white and press it onto a colored piece of paper. The head is made out of a thumbprint and then you can add the other details using black paint or a black marker.

Bubble Wrap Polar Bear Craft
This bear is made from a variety of circles and it is mounted on it’s own piece of ice — which is bubble wrap to me and you.

Polar Bear on Ice Craft
This cute polar bear gets it’s texture by tearing out the paper shapes instead of cutting them out. I think it is a simple, yet very sweet project.

Puffy Paint Polar Bear Craft
This cute little fella is made using a paper plate as a base. His ‘fur’ is made by brushing on a mixture of white glue and shaving cream. The directions for this project suggests using an Oreo cookie for a nose, but I would strongly discourage that since it will be glued on.

Will you try one of these crafts to celebrate on this special day?



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