Make It: Alphabet Books

My son is really excited about the alphabet.  He points out letters on signs as we drive and finds letter shapes in every day objects.  I want to take advantage of his new-found obsession, so I’ve been searching for fun ABC projects to reinforce his knowledge.

One of my goals is to create an alphabet book with him and I’ve found a plethora of ways to do it thanks to talented and creative people who are willing to share their ideas!

  • Molly from Momformation posted a tutorial for making mini-books, perfect for adding letter pages!
  • Let’s Explore shows us fabulous photo alphabet books compiled in photo albums-she’s also made books for learning numbers and colors-BRILLIANT!!
  • Here’s a detailed lesson plan on alphabet books.
  • I love Sandy’s idea of putting the child decorated letters together in a binder to make a book that the child can be proud of!  Add page protectors for a little more durability.

Have you seen any great homemade alphabet book ideas or made one yourself?  I’d love to see them!!

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