Make Your Own Chalkboard with Paper and Glue!

Sometimes I read a blog post and I have one of those moments where I am like…’THIS is a new idea that I have never heard of!’ and I am suddenly refreshed and know that life as I know is ok because people are still being creative, using their minds and coming up with new ideas.
OK, now I will get off my rant and tell you about THIS BLOG POST from Come Together Kids that made me say that to myself!  I mean did any of you readers know this secret of making our own chalk boards out of construction paper and glue?? Amazing! Head on over for the instructions and prepare to have your mind B.L.O.W.N


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    Thanks so much for sharing our post. Isn’t this just the coolest thing ever? And the chalkboards don’t have to be used for just school stuff either ~ you could totally use it for labels, signs, anything!

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