Nature Collages

I’ve posted about Nature Collages before, but I think they are such wonderful crafts that I will tell you about an up to date post today!  I am doing this with my children tomorrow since it has a been a while, and I love seeing how their artistic and creative minds have developed each year. You can find the inspiration over at The Chocolate Muffin Tree.  This project goes along with Tinkerlab’s current challenge…Flowers! There are amazing inspirations for this challenge that you can find if you scroll to the bottom of the post in the linky!


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    Hi Arushi,
    This is not my work, I just find fun ideas and post about the people who created it. If you would like, click the link on my blog post to go to the creator, then write about their specific post! Thanks for reading!

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    I love your nature collages. We tend to make them during vacation (I never thought I’d start travelling with glue for a beach vacation)… using giant tropical leaves, coconuts or driftwood as canvases.

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