Our art corner

I created a little art corner/kids table for my son Jakson about six months ago out of some things we had laying around—a wooden step ladder, the top of an old coffee table, leftover peg board for displaying art and a magnetic metal cabinet door from the IKEA “as-is section”.

I’ve been taking it apart little by little-sadly.   I hope that there will be room in our next house for a similar corner.  It has been perfect for displaying Jakson’s masterpieces and working on “school” activities.    All of the kids who eat at our house are banished to the table to eat as well.

It’s good at multitasking (and doesn’t mind a little dirt).

The step ladder before:100_0974
After a coat of Leaf Green paint: 100_1207100_1205100_1209Those ugly green chairs?  Perfect size, but hideous.  Our eventual plan is take them apart and spray paint the seats some amazing, fun color. Suggestions?

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