Paper Crane ‘Healing & Helping’ Tutorial

We have all seen paper cranes before, but this post is different in that it uses the method of making the paper crane to talk to your children about the disaster in Japan, as well as approaching the topic of death with your children. I would definitely leave the ‘age appropriateness’ up to the parent, but they have some great links on there, and the pictures are so detailed that hopefully we all could make these! The ‘helping’ part of his paper crane tutorial involves  a link where you can send your cranes, and they will donate $2 for every crane…they are trying to reach 100,000 cranes!  Head on over to Modern Parents, Messy Kids to learn more about this project.


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    Thank you so much for including my post on your wonderful site!

    Along with the how-to visuals and the links you mentioned, there is also info. on a great project aiming to collect 100,000 paper cranes from students world wide. For every crane collected, $2 is donated towards Japan disaster relief.

    Thanks again.

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