Pentel Art Supplies {Review and Craft}

I was so excited to receive a package of some of their art supplies  from Pentel including watercolors and beautiful markers.   I decided to have some of our dear friends over and do a craft with the kids. I found a great abstract watercolor craft  from Bloesem Kids that I thought would work perfectly with the watercolors set they gave me.

My friend Kim, who is  a wonderful photographer as you can see by these photos came over and our children got right to work on the project.

We first used some India Ink to draw out our floral designs on watercolor paper. You need to use that in order to not have the black ink bleed.

Once we let them dry, we let the children choose their watercolors. The colors of the paints were so vibrant and beautiful, it was hard to choose.  Once we got the feel for how much water to paint ration worked best, the children really began to enjoy their creations! They came alive! Overall, the girl’s had a wonderful time and  each piece came out completely unique and perfect! I know I speak not only for myself but for the children, that we are so thankful to Pentel for making such wonderful supplies to create with!




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