Printable Maths Games

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Thought I would share some printables and lesson plans for older kids. My daughter hates Math. I don’t know if this is because we ask her to work on it or if she really just hates it. I can’t really blame her though as I always hated it. It’s been so long that I am also terrible at it. I cringe when she brings home her Math Homework as it seems “Math” has been placed way way to the back of my brain. (I fear it will not resurface by homework time).

We are trying to teach her multiplications, so far she has remembered 1-3 times tables and her 5 times table, But only because Grandma paid her. (1 times table = $1, 2 times tables $2 etc).

I came across this free printable which I hope she will enjoy but more importantly grasp the concept of what it all mean.

Free Printable Multiplication Game.

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