Rowenta Effective Comfort Iron Review & Giveaway

I was so excited to try out the Rowenta DW2000 series- Effective Comfort iron since my previous iron has seen its better days!  There were many aspects about the Rowenta Effective Comfort iron that appealed to me.  The Rowenta DW2000 series Effective Comfort was easy to use and comfortable to hold and maneuver while ironing.

The directions were given in pictures which made it very easy to figure out right away.  I originally set the temperature wrong and had the water leaking from the sole plate because it was not hot enough.  Once I corrected this, the iron was a pleasure to use.  I began by ironing some clothes which ironed easily using the steam and for some materials the burst of steam  really came in handy.  The soleplate easily glided over different fabrics and its shape helped when doing sleeves and around buttons etc.

Since I am a quilter, a good iron is very necessary.  The Rowenta DW2000’s precision tip made it very easy to work with the corners and triangles I was making.  I was using the iron set on dry and it worked very well on the cotton material. I did not have to repeatedly go over the same area.  Also during quilting ,you leave the iron ready to use and the auto shut off at 8 minutes was sufficient for me to work and then come back to use the iron after each piece. Having  an iron that has an  auto shut off and extensive steam options which the Rowenta DW2000 does is very important to me, and I would never buy an iron that didn’t  have these two features.  I would definitely recommend thisiron to people who need one for crafts or sewing and for everday ironing.

Rowenta has graciously offered up two Rowenta Focus irons to our loyal followers! Click over to the Rowenta Focus Iron Giveaway Link to add your comment. Any comments on this Review Post will not count towards the Giveaway.  Also, make sure you act quickly because the giveaway ends on March 31st, 2011…the last day of National Craft Month!
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  1. lynn zukowski says

    I belong to a quilting group- and one gal recently purchased a new Rowenta- and absolutely loves it. When we meet at her house- we all want to use it!

  2. Loreen Boult says

    My iron, a Rowena Focus, has seen better days too. Almost 11 years of use. This one sounds marvelous. It is just what the doctor ordered.

  3. Dora-Maria Antillon says

    How do you clean the soleplate if it got some
    stuff from touching a material other than the cotton I was ironing first?

    There is no better steam iron. I love it.

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