Self Portraits

Kathy from Art Projects for Kids shares a project that she is considering as an introductory art piece this school year.  It is a self portrait using very simple lines-looks easy, but sounds like it may be challenging to get it right!! I think it is a great way to learn names and start the students thinking creatively.  This is definitely something that could be used in a regular classroom as well (she is an art teacher).  These would look great on the classroom walls!!

H Portrait

Read about her research and ideas here.


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    I have just been doing a self portrait project with kids as part of a series of workshops called “What is possible? I made a time machine with their self portraits on as they are now, as they will be next year and as they would be in 10 years time. Any longer would have been too hard for them. Could not believe I had so many mirrors. Good thing that I make jewellery and have lots for display.

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