Summer Fun with Kiwi Crate

Kiwi CrateAre you familiar with Kiwi Crate? It is something that will bring excitement to a child and relief to parents. It is something that will help pass the time and stimulate the mind. It is a box — or Crate — of goodies delivered right to your home every month!

You subscribe to Kiwi Crate, just like you would a magazine or newspaper. Then, once a month, you child will receive a crate filled with directions and supplies for craft projects, science activities, and more. Each Crate has a different surprise theme, such as dinosaurs, music, and gardening.

Rainforest Kiwi CrateThe theme of the Kiwi Crate I got to check out was rainforests. Upon opening the box, there was an insert explaining what the theme is along with pictures of two craft projects included, jumping frogs and a rainstick. Digging deeper into the box, I found the instruction cards for each of those crafts along with all of the (top-quality) supplies needed to make each one. I had so much fun exploring the contents of the box that I can only imagine how excited a child would be looking at all of the treasures.

Also included in the box was an Explore! magazine all about the rainforest. This child-sized magazine is full of ways a child can explore, learn, and even play. There was a nicely illustrated story that takes kids along with Steve the Kiwi (the company mascot) as he explores the rainforest. Kids are then shown how to draw rainforest creatures using simple shapes, invited to find the hidden objects in a picture, and encouraged to complete their own rainforest scene. There are also more projects the child can try such as creating a terrarium, mixing up some chocolate-dipped bananas, and making a hanging snake. If you want even more related crafts and activities, you can visit the rainforest page on their site (this URL was shared in the crate).

While the theme of each monthly crate is usually a surprise, the folks at Kiwi Crate are getting ready for summer by announcing a fun Summer Adventure Series. They are giving us all a sneak peek at what to expect in each crate during the months of June, July, and August.

The themes for each of these months are Camping Trips (June), Beach Day (July), and Amusement Park (August). As with the Rainforest crate I got, each of these will include two craft projects and all of the supplies along with the Explore! magazine which is packed full of even more ideas. Your child can have fun creating a sunprint backpack, crafting some crazy crabs, building their own bumper cars and carnival games, and so much more.

summer-adventureLet’s face it… Sometimes keeping the kids entertained during the summer months can be a challenge. I think Kiwi Crates would be a wonderful way to fill some of those long days with fun and educational activities. What do you think?

If you want to learn more about what can be found in the summer crates and even get a sneak peek, check out this Summer Adventure Series information on their site.


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