Turkey Time…

As the new Lesson Plan editor, I am so thankful that my posts are starting just before Thanksgiving.

Most children associate Turkeys with Thanksgiving.  You can spur their interest to learn more by making some Turkey’s with them!

Here are some creative ideas for making Turkeys…

Inspiration to Draw

Colorful Turkey Caddy(from Disney Family Fun)

Store your markers here during the month of November!

How about a Wild Turkey  –(from BHG)

turkey garland

OR some Turkey Trot Garland

(from Woman’s Day Magazine)

Why not learn about the Thanksgiving Story through a Turkey?

(from Danielle’s Place)- Click for many great Turkey and Thanskgiving Ideas!

I LOVE  this  fabric Handprint Turkey

(from Bella Dia) – parental help needed* or for older child


How about a simple Toddler Turkey Handprint Craft

(by The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman)

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