4 Styrofoam Cup Easter Crafts

4 Styrofoam Cup Easter Crafts
Do you have a stack of leftover styrofoam coffee cups that is just sitting there and collecting dust? Even if you don’t have any sitting around these adorable Easter cup crafts may motivate you to go buy some.

All you need to make the styrofoam cup critters here are a cup, colorful paper, pipe cleaners, and paint. For the basket, other than the cup, you need a hunk of duct tape and paint.

Visit each of these tutorials, created by Amanda and posted on Spoonful, and you can make them in no time at all.

  1. Foam Cup Bunnies Tutorial
  2. Foam Cup Sheep Tutorial
  3. Foam Cup Chick Tutorial
  4. Polka Dot Treat Cups Tutorial

Which one will you try? Or, will you make several of each one to decorate your house for Easter?


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