Button Wreath

Wondering what to do with all those green buttons? Me too.

This craft uses a similar technique that children would use when learning to lace.  These are so elegant…yet a child could make them! Yay!

button_wreathHEad over to the Factory Direct blog for directions.


  1. Missy says

    Cute project and nice Factory Direct Craft has a nice web site. Wreath looks pretty easy. I think this will be perfect for my Girl Scout troop ornament project! A tip I have is you can dye buttons any color you want. Sort of messy but I do it with rit dye. Put the buttons and dye in a pan (probably one you don’t care about) then heat up the buttons something about the heat expands the plastic of the buttons and the buttons then soak up the dye. Want darker buttons just heat longer. Just a tip if you don’t have the right color button.

  2. says

    Thank you for posting my blog! Missy what a great idea about how to get the buttons the color you would like. I have never tried this but I may have to now! Although, I think covering myself in plastic wrap may be in order because I KNOW I would have it all over me! =)

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