Let’s get this party started: At home

It’s fun to start thinking about all the great projects you are going to work on with your children.  But before you add kids to the glue and glitter mix, you’ve got to organize your space.

Even though our house is small, I still wanted to dedicate an area to learning and crafting.   My thoughts:  it actually reduces the amount of space that supplies take up (because they aren’t spread out all over the house) AND I know exactly what I have to use (saving money because I can find the boxes of crayons and don’t buy more!).

In my quest to create an organized area of my own, I found some fabulous ideas .

I love this space by Maya at Maya*Made.  She has used peg board and bull dog clips to display her children’s art and a bookshelf with cans of various sizes to hold all of their supplies in just one corner of her house. This way all of the pencils, crayons and paintbrushes are accessible, but not all over the place.  Read more here.

Simple Mom added shelves to a unused wardrobe to hide her art supply stash.

If only I had more space, I would attempt to recreate Lisa Mahar’s room, shown on Ohdeedoh.  I am coveting all of those labeled plastic bins.

And Mandi from Organizing Your Way, lists 10 containers that you probably have laying around your house that will (cheaply) help you organize your craft supplies.

Don’t have an extra corner in your home? Use a tackle box to store a portable art table like Amanda at Kiddio.


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    I am setting up my new office and my daughters playroom in a new house so this post was very inspiring. I just hope my stays looking like that everyday.

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